Academy, in full name İzmir Mediterranean Academy, is located in a old flour factory in Halkapınar. It focuses on art culture, design, ecology, history and it is supported by local municipality. It functions as co-working, exhibition and workshop place. Academy


Beat is stage design proposal for Classe Mannequin, a band from Nantes. Design is developed through band’s opinions and feedbacks. Beat


Waterfall is an art installation, exhibited in L’École de design Nantes Atlantique. It is made from different geometric shapes, which have colour range from burgundy to canary yellow. Waterfall


Snack is an illustration magazine for children aged between 7 and 10. It is a result of collaborative work from three international students. Every student was responsible to illustrate their countries’ tastes. My part is about Turkey and its food and dishes. Snack


Yel (Turkish word, means “wind”), is a ceramic tile whom pattern is harmonious in every direction. It can be installed in every sequence, even when it rotated. Yel


X+Y+Z is furniture series, which is designed especially for Halitağa Street. But it can be adapted to every streets due to its modularity. Halitağa Street is one of the crowded street in town, but it has some problems. As an example, there are not same design language for street furnitures, they are lots of different benches and other elements. x+y+z